Dicterow’s Friends Show Their Support



We are really upset about the debacle surrounding Mayor Steve Dicterow. We have known Steve for 25 years. He has been a good friend and listener. In our conversations with him he has always been upright. We are proud to call him friend.

He should be allowed to serve the city he loves and has worked so hard for despite the hardships in his personal life.


Stan and Diane Leemon, Laguna Beach


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  1. I completely disagree with you that Steve Docterow should be allowed to serve as a public official for our city based upon his decision to keep important personal financial information from his constituents – especially during a voting season. He has had every opportunity to divulge his situation over the years. He chose to hide it from the general public and ignore a recent request by a concerned resident to meet on the issue putting himself in the position of being exposed in a public meeting. In fact, he spent his time preparing a sad canned speech and filling the council chamber with supporters rather than meet to discuss the inconsistencies in his 700 forms and his bankruptcy filing.. It was clear when his attorney partner and the resident that said he works with Steve every day just happened to be in the audience that night. His behavior has raised serious questions about his ability to make sound decisions and oversee our city budget. Mr. Dicterow is an estate planner, real estate and bankruptcy attorney which would lead one to believe he has the ability to make a decent income. My question is: why would he work for the city making about $5 an hour instead of working in his field to get himself out of a serious financial debt situation as well as make an attempt up pay back his creditors? I find this absurd. i would never entrust my investments to someone in this situation. I hope the voters say no to Dicterow come November 8th. This city needs an honest and fiscally responsible representative to serve us in public office. Judie Mancuso is both.


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