Disregard the Incumbents




What Bill Landsiedel fails to recognize is that this current school administration has repeatedly dismissed or disregarded any and all positive and great ideas of the parents in the Laguna Beach school district. Quite frankly, parents and students are fed up with not being heard. He labels anyone who tries to voice an opinion as a special interest group member.  His accusations are a slap in the face of Laguna Beach PTA members, parents and their children, who have tried to get through to the school board that we can’t just fall back on good test scores, but need to help our children learn healthy eating habits, reconnect with nature and be viewed as individuals whose opinions matters.

Bill Landsiedel has been correct on only one thing. We do have a very special interest: our children.

Thank goodness we finally can be heard in this coming election, by disregarding the current incumbents and voting for both of the challengers: Dee Perry and Tammy Keces, as there are two positions up for re-election.

I don’t know what bothers me the most. Is it Mr. Landsiedel’s total manipulation of the truth and bullying tactics or is it that the other school board members stand behind him, despite the fact that October is anti-bullying month and his behavior has been completely embarrassing to the Laguna Beach school board?

They all should be ashamed of themselves.


Dannie Kelly, Laguna Beach

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