Distinctive Flora Rooted in Laguna’s Character



I’ve always thought a really spooky ride through the giant, old eucalyptus trees on Bluebird Canyon Drive on Halloween night could be quite a trip.

Around the gazebo at the north end of Treasure Island Park are some beautiful palm trees and four fabulous beaches.

Magnolia Street on the north side has big white magnolia flowers certain times each year and every neighborhood has favorites like the giant melaleuca at the northeast corner of Ocean Way and Moss Street and the green enclave of jades, elephant bushes and trees is a cool place to walk to at the end of Diamond Street.

Downtown has a bunch of great trees including the pepper tree on Ocean Avenue across from the Plaza and it’s a place to stop and ponder, right in the center of downtown Laguna, where at one time one of the nation’s oldest stage shows were seen.

I visit a friend in Garden Grove and quickly realize what a wonderful town we have and like the variety of trees, we are still an open society welcoming business owners, residents, guests and trees from around the world.

Trees are us and we love them.


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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