Don’t Fall for Revisionist History


Dear Editor,

Martha Lydick in her letter to the editor attempted to discredit me and the facts I put in my letter (“Taxpayers Refute Measure CC Proponents,” Oct. 19, Letters). Over my 26 years in Laguna Beach,  Martha and I have agreed on very little but what is undisputed is that The Laguna Beach Taxpayers Association never had the vision to imagine a greenbelt around Laguna Beach as Jim Dilley did in the 1960s. They never had the vision to replace the gas stations and dilapidated buildings on Main Beach with a park and a window to the sea instead of high rise buildings or the vision to prevent 3,500 homes from being built in Laguna Canyon. So it’s not surprising that they don’t have the vision today to support Measure CC, the open space initiative.

I realize that in today’s political climate it has become a common tactic to repeat an untruth as many times as possible in the hopes that it eventually is believed as true. Unfortunately, this deceitful behavior sometimes pays off.

Perhaps that is what the Laguna Beach Taxpayers Association and Bobbie Cox hope to pull off by repeating the falsehood that in 1990 the Taxpayers Association supported Measure H, the Laguna Canyon bond measure. The Taxpayers Association did not support the measure. I have no doubt that Bobbie Cox supported the measure but the Taxpayers Association never supported that bond measure, which eventually passed by nearly 80% of the vote, prevented 3,200 homes from being built in Laguna Canyon, and added thousands of acres of open space for all to enjoy. Those bonds are now paid off and its property tax increase has been eliminated.

I invite you to join me now in voting yes on Measure CC, the current open space initiative, and 20 years from now you can truly say you voted for open space and not have to join the revisionists in any false claims.

Johanna Felder, Laguna Beach

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