Drivers, Heed Your Responsibility



While I understand all the folks concerns about safety on the streets of Laguna, it seems evident that much of the debate about safety is one sided.

Many people do not drive their cars with other people in mind. We seem to have a ridiculous sense of entitlement around here. I’m not sure when it happened but the meaning of stop, “a cessation of movement”, has apparently been redefined to mean “slow down, maybe, if you feel like it, but it’s not mandatory”.

Sure some skateboarders ride very fast. Most cars drive at excessive speeds too, but I have yet to see a skateboarder look up suddenly from their hand held device to swerve back into their lane. I see this all the time from operators of automobiles. The lack of coming to a complete stop is insane, but, since I expect it, I am alert to it and use caution at all stop signs. I actually stop and then proceed when it is safe to do so! I am also on the alert for kids and adults walking, animals, leashed or otherwise, construction workers, school buses, cars that turn without their drivers indicating their intentions and I anticipate that at some point I will encounter a skateboarder on the hill. I am not suddenly shocked out of my personal space back into the world of cars and others by the appearance of someone on a skateboard.

The point is driving is a responsibility and requires an amount of observation that is dangerously lacking today. You may have been behind me on Temple Hills cursing me for driving slowly. I’m actually going the speed limit because it is fast enough given the amount of traffic, blind corners, challenging driveways, trash cans and multiple other distractions.

Pay more attention to your responsibilities before you blame all that ails your fortunate life on kids riding skateboards. Like the bumper sticker says, “hang up your phone and drive”. Oh, and it’s already illegal to text or phone without a hands free device while driving, so there is no need to hold hearings at city hall!

John S. Walker, Laguna Beach


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