Driving Without Distractions or Regrets



Re: Local Current’s “Blood Alley,” April 19 edition.


Your letter was right on target. All drivers who are not thoughtless and self-absorbed have waited for such an article to be published locally.

The insanity begins on Laguna Canyon Road where we all stare in disbelief as the autos go speeding northeast on their way to their employment duties inland. Hardly any car maintains the 45 mph speed limit. The very day after the accident where the two men were killed, I was intimidated by a car suddenly veering past me on my right and missing me by a fraction of an inch.  Then another following him did the same thing, missed me by a fraction.

Days before the accident, two cars did the same thing at the same exact spot where the right hand lane disappears and they cut in front of the rest of us and almost caused me to crash into oncoming traffic. But, I know better than to turn into oncoming traffic. I must brake and let the speeding maniacs get ahead of me. That is my duty as a driver, to make sure the lawless and thoughtless do not force me into a fatal collision.

The Laguna Canyon Road is where we can witness the worst driving antics imaginable. Cars speeding and passing on our right hand side or passing us in the broken-line turning lane on our left and racing to beat us to the two lane section.  They refuse to brake and take their place behind the car in front. Are we surrounded by undeveloped children?

It is a miracle that people are not killed in the Laguna Canyon every single day.

It is now too dangerous for us to walk around in the tiny streets of Laguna enjoying the flower beds because of the cars speeding through the streets and whipping around corners.  Somebody is going to lose their child. No child can play in our streets as we all did in the “old days.”

Every driver seems to be on their cell phone.  It takes a second to be distracted by a cell phone.  I am a professional driver and must drive to LA every single day.  The accidents that are caused by cell phone distraction are so prevalent that they are literally everywhere, on every freeway.  Unless you have two hands on the wheel and eyes scanning everything in sight, you are going to end up with a life that is changed by an accident. Your accident will bury you in court costs and lawsuits and damage repairs.  Some day you speeders will kill a fellow human.  That will be the day you will regret forever.


Robin D. Williams, Laguna Beach

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