Richard Halle

From the Stretch

I’m going to start on Thursday,

Do you want to come to the game?


I’d better not; I might get too excited,

And have a coronary.


Why would you get too excited?


Because you’re going to hurt somebody,

With that uncontrollable fast ball,

You have the worst move to first,

Of anyone in high school and

You can’t last three innings.


Grampa, I’m not feeling the

Positive reinforcement here.


That’s good.

There isn’t any.


Why are you so grouchy?


You’re a good outfielder,

And a 330 hitter.

You’re going to be a lawyer.

Why are you so insistent on being a bad pitcher?


Because someone in this family taught me that

The easy way out brings no personal satisfaction;

If I don’t stretch I can’t grasp;

New challenges prevent atrophy;

Pride and integrity are defined by my actions.


Well, I’ll see you Thursday.


Grampa Grant is Richard Hille, a long time Laguna Beach Resident, a lawyer and urban planner with three Grandchildren aged 4, 7 and 10.







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