Enough is Never Enough for Mozambique



Apparently, enough is never enough for Mozambique.

As a 25-year Woods Cove resident, area residents and I have witnessed firsthand the brazen and unrelentless fashion in which Mozambique restaurant has pushed its agenda into the city.

Self-described as a “family steakhouse with jazz music” when it opened almost a decade ago, Mozambique continues to push the envelope with the net result being the loss of neighbor quality of life.

Whether the issue was its business plan, valet parking, seating capacity, noise complaints, operating hours, rock bands, or a rooftop deck, Mozambique’s strategy from day one has been to wear down the opposition, hoping that impacted residents and city officials would cave in to the pressures of attorneys and drawn out public hearings.

Now, Mozambique want to restore the 2,017 square feet of floor area that it recently closed off in exchange for its rooftop deck and install a two-story 25-car parking facility to accommodate additional cars.

As it is, patrons of the old Tortilla Flats restaurant which once graced this site would never recognize what Mozambique owners have done to the building. It has become an architectural scar. Mozambique’s appetite is voracious, and it represents a prime example of development out-of-control.

I urge Planning Commission members to take a moment and picture yourselves in our neighborhood and ask the question: “when is enough enough?”

Randy Lewis, Laguna Beach

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