Envisioning Rampant Canyon Development


In reply to (“Support for Canyon Development,” Letters, Jan. 31 edition) Stacy Santiesteban of Newport Beach’s ex-senator and attorney from Texas father’s comments about the canyon – I propose we convert the canyon into a serpentine strip mall starting at the Anneliese School (which will have to be demolished to make way for a multipurpose truck stop, showers for a dollar, cafe, and casino).

After a tank of ‘Texas Tea’ and some computer nickel slots, you and your topped off Humvee meander through the improved canyon. You can’t help but enjoy The Laguna Canyon Outlets on both sides of the road. (The signage has been carefully designed to be high enough to block the view of those unkempt hills.) After all, you might need a pair of Nikes before you hit the beach and I just can’t get enough Pei Wei.

At Big Bend, a new Motel 6 and Motel 8 vie for your business with free wi-fi and “kids eat free” specials. Yummy! Say goodbye to those unsightly small businesses. Who needs ’em?

Round the corner and see the new LCAD Twin Towers, 50 stories of mixed use modern classrooms, dorms, apartment housing, offices, and commercial facilities connected with pedestrian bridges, fresh markets, Starbucks, Subways, in fact, everything.

Finally, the “city entrance brought to you by the highest bidder”. (And you thought Times Square had a big TV.) Continue on to the Quik Park Main Beach parking structure; hope you called ahead for a reserved space.

Enjoy your next trip to Laguna Beach – or perhaps you might be more proud of a strip mall in Irvine.

Mike Rybah, Laguna Beach



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