Expecting a Public Apology for Mural’s DestructionExpecting a Public Apology for Mural’s Destruction




Those who know me may think I’d be the last person to be writing this letter.  Frankly, I am surprised myself.  However, when I read about the loss of the LCAD mural this past week I was overcome with emotion. (“Mural Gone Missing Irks Artists,” March 25) I can only imagine my community feels the same.


I am outraged at the Huber brothers decision to paint over this mural! What a selfish and defiant act to assume that adequate signage for their business was more valuable than this mural was to our community. I was shocked to read that they blatantly ignored the city’s rejection of their application and destroyed this art. This mural was a beautiful and creative enhancement that symbolized harmony in the canyon and enriched our everyday lives. We now know that Laguna Canyon Winery does not promote living in harmony, but only their own selfish agenda.


Ironically, the Hubers’ rationale for destroying this art was that their customer’s had trouble finding their location. This is ludicrous. Why not direct your customer’s to the mural?  Is it just too obvious for everyone but the brothers? Anyone besides Marlowe and Darrel disagree with me yet? I didn’t think so!


Ultimately I was overcome with sadness. Sad that after seven years in their location they never valued or appreciated this mural. Sad that a semester long project created by neighboring LCAD students was destroyed in one night. Sad that a wall that was once was so beautiful is now painted over like common graffiti. Nice job Laguna Canyon Winery!


As far as a resolution, it just doesn’t seem right to punish the owner of the building. By their own admission, Marlowe and Darrel Huber are solely responsible for the destruction. While the parties involved are trying to work out a solution, I propose that the Hubers paint a public apology to the LCAD students and citizens of Laguna Beach on this heinous gray wall!


Stacy Grigg, Laguna Beach

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