A Faerie’s Wish!


As one of the Laguna Wish Faeries, I was disappointed by something that happened this year on Hospitality Night. The popcorn venders (sponsored by the Exchange Club), who have been part of Hospitality Night ever since I can remember, were denied the right to be part of the activities.

Getting popcorn has been as much a part of the tradition of Hospitality Night as Santa Claus, the community choir or the Wish Faeries for that matter.

It is just sad that the one night that is supposed to be about ringing in the holidays for everyone has turned into a night when some are discriminated against. I thought Christmas was a time of love and charity. Apparently, not here in Laguna. Only a select few non-profit organizations have been allowed to be a part of Hospitality Night.

The popcorn venders raise money for the prevention of child abuse. What represents Christmas more than that? So why would the Chamber of Commerce of Laguna Beach decide they are not welcome to be part of ringing in the Holiday season? That seems outrageous to me. There are near 300 non-profits in Laguna and my wish is that each one of them be allowed a table on Hospitality Night. This might bring back the true spirit of the holidays to Hospitality Night and perhaps it might even reduce some of the frenetic and unfocused energy that seems to be taking over the event.

My many thanks to all  of you who visited the faeries on Hospitality Night and made a wish for yourself and the world.

May you have a truly magical holiday season.


Jessica deStefano, Laguna Beach

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