Finding Fault in a Headline


Re: a letter to the editor from Elizabeth Pearson that appeared in the paper April 19 edition. The letter had a title “Ruling Clears Pearson to Vote on Village Entrance.”

Did Pearson add that title “Ruling Clears Pearson to vote on Village Entrance” or did the LB Indy? It is incorrect.  She has not been given a clearance.

I have attached a copy of a five-page letter from the FPPC to Phillip Kohn.  Please read the last paragraph on page 5.  “We have no further guidance to provide because, like you, we do not know what the future decisions are and how they might affect the Laguna Playhouse.  If, in the future, there is a decision before the council that is reasonably foreseeable to have the above affect on the Laguna Playhouse, you are welcome to either write in again, or apply the applicable standards in making a determination.”

I realize you can’t print the entire FPPC letter here but in the letter several things are listed as possible conflicts. I am happy to make this available to anyone that would like to read it.

The Playhouse is deficient in parking. For nine months out of the year they need to park a 420 seat house and all those involved in the production in their 65-space parking lot. During July and August, their parking lot is assigned to the Festival of Arts and they have no parking at all. They need parking. Their [former] Director of Development (Councilmember Elizabeth Pearson), is advocating, lobbying for and voting to increase parking across the street with 200 new spaces. Even if the FPPC doesn’t find a technical violation and I think they should, she shouldn’t be voting for a $50+ million project that benefits her employer.


Audrey Prosser, Laguna Beach


Editor’s Note: The headline was added by the Indy.

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