Fit to Lead California



California was a great and beautiful state, and thanks to a series of knuckleheads (both parties), is in a tremendous mess. Meg knows nothing of that, has no investment in it other than what’s in it for her and her backers. By choice, she has failed to participate, is inexperienced at little other than buying her way into what she wants, in this shopping trip likely throwing away nearly $200 million before it’s over.

Think of the good that could have been made to happen with those resources. No good will come if she becomes governor Arnold3. EBay? She was a passenger on that soulless bus who would have succeeded with or without her. Brown, who ran Oakland for crying out loud, is creative (for a politician), experienced, and has lived his values. He will push the flywheel and start California moving in a positive direction, our only opportunity for hope this time out.

Cindy Love,

Laguna Beach

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