Gentrification is Winning



I have been shopping at Coast Liquors, corner of Mountain Avenue and Coast Highway, for half a century.

Now the new owners who bought the Coast Inn across the street want to replace the liquor store with a swimming pool, so rumor has it.

The stock in the store is slowly disappearing and another, vital, historic business that adds a great public service to the neighborhood will soon be gone.

Gentrification has won and is destroying Laguna Beach. One by one the stores and services that make the beachs, hotels, businesses and neighborhoods vital are being torn away from us by the good old boys who work at city hall and the clique who control the city council. So be it.

At a certain point, residents will give up voting and or caring what happens and leave “it” in the hands of the the clique and it looks more and more as if that day is now.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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