Giving Hikers Their Due



Thank you for including information about the dangerous section of trail connecting the fire trail from Top of the World neighborhood to Arch Beach Heights and council plans to review the situation (“Looking for Safer Footfalls,” Aug. 24). Having lived in both neighborhoods during my four years as a Laguna Beach resident, I can attest to the vital importance of the trail and the sad state of the connector trail that winds behind Sommet du Monde gated neighborhood.  Just last year, the trail was filled in and repaired…. still not an easy trail to negotiate, but at least the ruts were smoothed and trail widened with dirt by either county or city employees.  Thank you!

But daily, run-off from the residents’ homes alongside the trail erodes and damages the beautiful work that smoothed that trail last year. So, hearing those same residents complain about new trail plans disappoints me.  We can work together in this community so that walkers, cyclists, and hikers can negotiate their way through our town without the use of motorized vehicles, a win-win for everyone in reducing air and noise pollution, reducing parking and traffic congestion, and enhancing health and well-being.

No giant walls need be a part of Laguna Beach plans up here in Old Top of the World (where I am now a home-owner).  Of course, I hear morning hikers walk beneath my window on Old Top of the World Drive.  I live in Laguna Beach in order to be close to beach, canyon, earth, and people!  I much prefer the gentle sound of conversation over the noisy sound of vehicles and garage doors.  Surely, any homeowner who purchases property one block from a public school expects the noise of children going to and from school each day.  Surely, any homeowner who purchases property along the public canyon knows that public use means… well, use!  So, use the canyon, cyclists!  Walk past my house, hikers!  Walk to school, students.  Push those strollers, courageous Moms. I appreciate your courtesy in keeping our neighborhood clean, safe and quiet, as I share my “private” road with you.  And, City Council and county park officials, build a better trail.  If the gated residents don’t want a new trail, you can always suggest use of eminent domain to make their private driveway a safe throughway for all!

Thanks for keeping our town healthy and friendly for all!


Mary Scifres, Laguna Beach

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