Gratitude for Perfect Placement


Thank you so much for publishing Susan Velasquez’s column “Opportunity Knocks” on the School’s page of the LB Independent, Nov. 16.

It was the perfect placement to attract readers who care about schools and the education of our children.  I am also grateful that you published her column in its entirety on that page.  Sometimes, even though I fully intend to finish reading an article that is continued on another page, I get distracted and fail to do so.

Having Susan’s article published in its entirety maximizes the chance that the reader will learn how to contact me or my colleague should they wish to volunteer in The Learning Club.  As Susan’s article stated, we are seeking additional volunteers to help tutor students who are on our after-school program’s waiting list. I am very appreciative of your assistance in helping us get the word out.

I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for your support.


Peggie Thomas, Laguna Beach

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