Grossman Criticizes Council’s Lack of Responsiveness



“I am writing Mayor Pro Tem Bob Whalen to complain. I urge you to do the same,” Michael Ray wrote in an Oct. 17 column in the Indy.

Don’t hold your breath Michael! I wrote Bob twice in November of 2013 explaining to him how Captain Lenyi, the second in command to Paul Workman at the Laguna Beach Police Department, and supposedly the local favorite to replace Workman, had lied in an attempted prosecution of me in September of 2013. The DA rejected Lenyi’s fabrications in 11 days. Eleven months later, Bob has still not responded to this concerned citizen’s complaint of unethical actions taken by Lenyi to have me falsely jailed, again.

Quoting Captain Lenyi in a Dec. 23, 2013, email to me:  ” I am sorry that you mistake fact for fiction regarding your accusation and inferences below,” and that I vindictively make accusations.

Bob either showed a complete lack of ethics by not replying or showed what a bad judge of character he is to believe Captain Lenyi, a pathological purveyor of 
falsehoods stated under the color of law. Are there any other reasons I may be missing regarding my expectations of how a public servant is supposed to react?

Bob lacks the character, as the majority of our city council also does, to respond to citizen’s complaints, which highlights his lack of ethics to represent our city.

The ignorance of the public is how our City Council keeps chugging along blissfully!

I am running on my character, and despite the unethical conduct of Bob and Lenyi, I am
willing to answer any specific questions regarding my time as a Laguna Beach citizen, including
all my dismissed cases that Lenyi falsely described in writing, and probably communicating
with Bob.  Please call me at 310-650-3022 or email me at [email protected]

Eli J. Grossman, Laguna Beach

The writer is a candidate for City Council.


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