Hall Rebuts a Voter’s Assumption



As a candidate for city council, I understand completely that residents who do not agree with or question some of my positions are going to take “shots” at me through letters to the editor etc. I honestly have no problem with this. However, when my character or work I have done in this community is questioned, I feel a response is warranted.
In the Oct. 9 edition, reader Ms. Deborah Laughton questioned my ballot statement designation and asked how my service to the LBGOP could be considered a community volunteer position. Before accusing me of “subterfuge” in the “dishonest” description of my experience, a simple search of my website would have proven this untrue. I did not list president of LBGOP because it was not allowed. Candidates are not allowed to list party affiliation for city council races. Also, for a point of clarification, I was never the chair of the OC GOP… that would be Scott Baugh.

For the record, I have volunteered in this community my entire life whether it be through my church, my kids’ schools, working for the homeless, the Boys and Girls Club or organizing and chairing a fundraiser for a friend who’s son was diagnosed with cancer. I am proud of my accomplishments and am quite certain if you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you I am honest, hardworking and utterly and completely dedicated to my family and friends.

Despite the unsubstantiated insinuations made, if Laughton or anyone else has any questions about my candidacy please call me at 949-338-4445, or go to my website at Michelehallforlaguna.com. I welcome the opportunity to explain to her and other readers the difference between community service volunteerism and political party activism.

Michele Hall, Laguna Beach

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