Hot Dish on Target




This is the Kalos Kagathos Foundation commendation – maintaining professional integrity — for the Independent’s Hot Dish columnist Patty Pinto’s review “Equal Measures of Yin and Yang.”


Current letter writers express concern about “middle priced” and “affordable” restaurants in Laguna Beach and the urgent need for a Patty Pinto critique on affordable, quality cuisine. Although Norm’s, CoCo’s and Mimi’s are affordable, middle-priced, quality dining, regularly patronized by families, students and the budgetary constrained, their chain links compromise serving in Laguna Beach … breached here and there by limitation statutes.


Newport Beach accommodates this favorably by business-district zoning changes as a viable option to accommodate its 12-month, permanent residents and constituents, rather than relying upon the bountiful, three-month festivals and nine-month, aggressive ticketing by their dutiful law enforcement agencies.


And for all the summer festival’s impositions upon Laguna’s locals, a beneficent “thank you” to all the city homesteaders; hosted by the three festivals and its artists on the show grounds and at the booths would be a true validation of this historic, internationally acclaimed art colony.


Keep the faith.

Bruce Hopping, Laguna Beach


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