Housing for Homeless in the Works



Beautifully written (“Soloist’s Closing Coda,” Feb. 21 edition). Thank you for this. The fact that Cliff was hounded by the authorities – ticketed 17 times for sleeping in public and whatever else, having his belongings confiscated – is an injustice.

Sadly, it is too late for Cliff, but we are closer than ever to creating a real, permanent solution that will help people like him find stability, better health, and access to available social services. A permanent supportive housing project, at the site of the current ASL (Alternative Sleeping Location), is in the works and needs your attention and support. It will actually save money, too – it’s estimated that it costs $3,000 in public money to leave a homeless person on the streets (in the form of the unhelpful revolving door of ER visits, police calls, jail and court time).

With this proposed program, which, incidentally saves lives and is the compassionate, right-sized solution – the estimated public cost is less than $850 per month. Seems like the right thing to do, wouldn’t you agree?

Check it out: http://friendsofsupportivehousing.com/#section=home

Thank you, caring citizens of Laguna!

Barbara McMurray, Laguna Beach

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