Hypocrisy in Action

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The glaring hypocrisy of loud, protesting Laguna Beach residents never seems to occur to them.

They show up in city council meetings to demand climate change obeisance, meaning considerably less driving and travel. Then they drive to the Main Beach rally where other hypocrites have come from as far as South Dakota to protest.

Democrat fascists demand politically correct groupthink, as expressed hatred for President Trump and violence towards his supporters, as well as in their climate change groupthink, which never stops them from driving to another protest or violent riot.

This compound hypocrisy of Democrats represents the new low to which the party has sunk.


John Jaeger, Irvine

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  1. Who exactly are you taking aim at?
    The people who drove to a rally? Is this because they use cars that run on gasoline or were they supposed to walk? What if they drove an electric car. Does your complaint hold?
    The most heated part of the rally had nothing to do with Trump. There was a well orchestrated stand off between young people and police in riot gear. “We don’t see no riot here; why are you wearing riot gear” or something that end. There was nothing politically correct about what the young people were doing. At least not within the confines of coastal OC. People immediately came to the defense of the police.

    The people at the rally were from all over Orange County, not just from Laguna Beach.

    The opposite of political correctness is not hate; it is being politically incorrect. Google Sarah Silverman and the TED talks; she was censored for being politically incorrect.

    You are as free to support Trump as you like and to show up to a rally where that support is made vocal.

  2. Patricia, why did someone from South Dakota show up at your rally after all your proclamations of environmental piety? And how can you square preaching conservation and climate change sainthood when you will drive anywhere, for anything, any time? You can’t do both. Either stay home and practice what you preach, or else drive like hypocrites and add thousands of tons more carbon dioxide. Choose only one. Oops! You can’t do that, can you. You’re like Al Gore and Barack Obama that way. And many other ways besides. Laguna Beach is a beautiful seaside community. I enjoy sightseeing there as I once enjoyed scuba diving there. But the hypocrisy of so many of you… more than a body can bear. I must speak out. Don’t cry.


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