Incendiary Devices Still Present in Wild Lands

Cigarette butts collected in canyon.
Cigarette butts collected in canyon.


(This was also sent to city officials.)

What is it going to take to get the leadership of the city of Laguna Beach to take action?

Since hard evidence is needed to substantiate a claim of malfeasance, I submit the photo below to support my assertion that little, if anything, is being done to address the issue of smoking in restricted wilderness areas. These cigarette butts were collected in only three morning visits last week to the Carolyn Wood Knoll at the end of Alta Laguna Blvd.   This…after my bringing your attention to this matter on June 2.

The classic approach to addressing such a matter just won’t do. This is not the time to form a committee, launch a research project, conduct an exploratory study or draft a proposal.  The assault on our neighborhood’s well-being is happening right now. Without more being done, it is not a matter of if a wildfire happens…it’s when.  This is a time for community leaders to move immediately to a battlefield mind set.

In the absence of more aggressive steps to deal with the matter of smoking in designated wilderness areas, it would seem that the city is opening itself up to a very serious liability issue. I submit that the city could be found grossly negligent if it is discovered that all possible forms of deterrent were not employed to ward off a clear and present danger.

I don’t want another devastating wildfire to make my point. More must be done…now!

Jerry King, Laguna Beach

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