Inconsiderate Dog Owners, Take Heed



I have had it.  Haven’t you?

We have lived in Laguna Beach for nearly 20 years, and our community has always had an unspoken code that we dog lovers would walk our dogs on leash and carry a plastic bag to pick up their poop because we respected our neighbors. No more. Laguna is awash in dog poop, your dog’s poop, whoever you are — big, brown, small, black, firm, symmetrically formed, or squishy. Clearly, your dogs eat as a well as we do.

This unspoken code once meant something. It made us a community of considerate people.  We have been invaded I fear by people from another world where their moms did not teach them good manners and where one makes sport I suppose of surfing down the sidewalk through someone else’s dog poop. Can’t blame this one on global warming.

In any event, what can we do about it? Could we enact a new dog poop code, because many of you do not care about the one that we have? To wit:

  • If your dog is pooping on my front porch, I can kick it (if it is not too big).
  • If your dog is leaving an enormous pile of yesterday’s lunch at the bottom of my walkway, I can kick you (if you are not too big);
  • Or as an extreme measure (for true dog poop scofflaws), I can demand to know your address so that I can return the favor by coming to your house and depositing my dog’s daily poop on your door step.

By now you get the point. There is not an insignificant number of people (or maybe it’s just one dog who eats a lot and gets around) who are ruining our quality of life here in Laguna because they lack respect for the rest of us. By the way, dropping a black bag full of your dog’s poop in the street isn’t really meeting us halfway. Who is supposed to pick it up?

Our culture as a small, exquisitely pleasant place to live is changing for the worst. Lack of respect and an abundance of public poop piled at each street corner, slathered on our sidewalks and creating mine fields out of our lawns has never been the norm in Laguna and never should be.

So get your shit together, whoever you are, pun completely intended.


Charlie Birmingham, Laguna Beach

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