Innuendo Mirrors the National Election



I am writing in response to recent articles related to accusations and innuendos pertaining to my friend and this city’s current Mayor, Steve Dicterow.

I have known and worked with Steve for over 30 years in numerous community capacities —including well before either one of us served in any position related to Laguna Beach city government.  I have known him to be one of the most honest and decent people I have ever known.

I find the comments and actions by a current council candidate and her supporters to be absolutely abhorrent.  Most of us in our lives have fallen on personal hard times at one time or another. Why take something horrible that happened to someone several years ago, who was trying to do their best given the circumstances for their family, and who handled their situation within the letters of the law and with the upmost integrity — and drag it all out three weeks prior to a local election? I’ll tell you why: because some folks will stoop to any level to win. If that means hurting another person or family and smearing their name in the most negative of lights all over town, then all the better, as far as they’re concerned.

Now certain people in Laguna have sunk to the level of our national election. Who would ever want to run for office in our town again after this?

Don’t let them win. Support Steve Dicterow for re-election. He has been dedicated to this community for decades and has worked like a dog for our city. Show these people that this is not how things are done in Laguna Beach.


Elizabeth Pearson, Laguna Beach

The author is a former Laguna Beach mayor.


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