Integrity Now Overshadows the Election



Jon Madison needs to document his claims of an Ivy League Ph.D., UCLA law degree, and membership in the California Bar. He deserves respect for his business and philanthropic endeavors, and those probably would have been sufficient to ensure his election, without the degrees.

It’s not about degrees. It’s about integrity.

In Laguna, integrity trumps party, name identification, and campaign funds. This isn’t Bell.

Mayor Pearson: You asked the Register’s Marty Wisckol “why he was bothering with an investigation into a little city council race.” This is not little to me, and it’s clearly not little to you. The November election results will indicate whether the citizens of Laguna Beach think Mr. Madison’s claims are little. Don’t blame the messenger.

You condemn Mr. Wisckol for investigating a “tip.” That’s what reporters do. That’s what journalism is, at least in America: an interactive process between reporters and readers. You think Mr. Wisckol’s purpose “is to lie, mislead or defame.” You reportedly have known Mr. Madison for 15 years and talked him into running. Did you ever discuss his Ph. D. and law degree?

We agree: People should not “lie, mislead or defame.”

Joel Harrison, Laguna Beach

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