Is a Skate Park a Priority?



Can it be that Councilman Steve Dicterow truly believes that the main priority for our village is to build a skate park?

Can it be that many citizens believe it is the public’s responsibility to build structures to provide activities for some, but not all, young people, so they don’t leave our village? That the best place for this skate park should be kissed by the ocean breezes?

Isn’t it condescending and demeaning to try and convince our citizens that “if you build it, they will stay?” If we build it will they come, adding to an already congested city? Is it equitable for a city to build a public structure for one sport, which requires a child to possess a level of skill to use? Baseball fields and parks can be used for a variety of other activities…kite flying, for instance. What other activity can a skate park be used for?

Will building a skateboard park insure that a youth remain in Laguna? What about a petting zoo? Does any parent believe that another amusement park will relieve their child of ritual boredom?

Jahn Levitt, Laguna Beach

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  1. “What about a petting zoo?”

    This one CONDESCENDING statement Wipes out whatever you were trying to say about it not being society’s obligation to provide recreational activities for its youth!

    The words you used, and how pathetically you stated them say a LOT more about YOU than Laguna Beach!


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