Why isn’t Kelp Cleaned Up?



As a long time resident of North Laguna, can someone explain to me the city’s position on the removal of the excessive kelp build up on Main Beach?

As a place that prides itself on being a tourist destination, it seems to me that having over half of the city’s central beach covered with piles of decaying seaweed is inconsistent with that objective.

Are we so “environmentally sensitive” now that one of our primary attractions is being allowed to go back to its “natural state?”

Lowell Frazee, Laguna Beach

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  1. Excellent question, the degrading kelp seems to attract huge swarms of flies. Which, besides being unsightly, may even be unhealthy.
    Shouldn’t the body that regulates, patrols and acts like they own the stretch of sand also have the duty to keep it clean….
    Seems like they only like to bother people and drive their smelly atvs up and down the sand.
    Time for us real owners of the Coast, the people, to make those responsible do their duty.
    Just my opinion….

  2. I agree on this one, I love Laguna Beach so much that I bought an expensive weekend place here. Every weekend I have friends come down to meet me here, we eat lunch at one of the local restaurants downtown and then we try to go to main beach. My friends always ask me what is this mess? They says I can remember when Laguna Beaches were beautiful, so we have to go back or to a farther beach with less kelp. Yesterday we had to leave the beach early because my friend was being eaten so badly by flies. Santa Monica has very dirty water compare to Laguna but they keep the beaches pristine and get rid of the kelp every day


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