Jet Overflights Require Intervention




After reading Don Knapp’s letter in the current edition of Indy (“Flying Through the Flight Pattern,” Letters, July 15) I want to add my comments.  I certainly agree with everything he states in his missive. He is to be congratulated on assisting in the actions taken so far.


Our family sits on our deck for either lunch or dinner enjoying the view of the ocean and also that of our canyon.


However, it has been disconcerting watching and listening to the many planes coming from John Wayne Airport. They always turn left from the ocean and fly directly over our canyon at low altitudes, i.e. 2000-3000 ft. I would estimate.


This has been a fairly recent phenomenon because in the recent past, these flights were either quieter due to the higher altitude of the flights or the planes may have turned left further south, as Mr. Knapp states.


I think the Laguna Beach Council or other city representatives should investigate and press for mitigation. Such action, if successful, would assure Laguna residents that in the future flights will not fly at these low altitudes and also that the planes do not ever turn left over Laguna Beach.


Most Laguna Beach residents would agree that obtaining this change will only bring value to their properties and bring “peace” to many neighborhoods due to the lowered noise levels.


Barbara A. Barda, Laguna Beach

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