Just For Laughs

By Irene DeBasio

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CREATIVE BAKER – We can design a cake for your special needs. Do you need a drum cake for a little boy or a pretty hat for a girl’s birthday? We do it all. Bring us a photo and we will duplicate it in the form of a delicious cake, $35. We do not do anatomical body parts – sorry. #BatterUp


GROUCHY GUS is looking for a young lady companion who will drive me around town, prepare my meals and clean my apartment. Must be good cook, driver and housekeeper. You will be well-compensated, especially after I’m gone. #MPoppins


HUSBAND-SITTER – For busy women who shop, cook, work and are married to retired men. Let us entertain them, get them interested in wood-working and pottery-making, basket-weaving and arts and crafts. They will never get bored here – we guarantee. $10 a day/lunch included. #SeeYouRaiseYou


MOCK JURY PARTICIPANTS needed by prominent attorney. $100 for a few hours work; location TBA. Good listeners/21 years-plus. #ReasonableDoubt

WEDDING PLANNER – Get the best at an affordable price. We can deliver a memorable complete package/with or without a groom. #BudgetConsciousBride

Irene DeBlasio, retired essayist, lives in Laguna Woods.

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