Keeping the Screens Filled


Our movie theatre is on the endangered list.  In spite of really low admission prices, many great movies and use by the art museum’s film group once each month, it is down to one or two employees, who at times sell tickets and popcorn, too.

It needs new electronic signs, like the newly re-opened Port in Corona Del Mar. Pro business mayor Elizabeth Pearson should reach out to Regency theatres and if they want new signs, help them wade through the sign ordinance laws and possibly make a exception because movies like “Philomena” and “American Hustle” add culture to our town.

Pearson says she’s pro biz, but the Cottage, Boom Boom Room and Royal Hawaiian are gone in spite of the fact that all three were destination locations serving thousands of visitors and residents every month.

Let’s all support our movie theatre, especially when great movies are playing.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach



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