Laguna Beach News | January 20, 2023


Laguna Beach Library Celebrates 50th Anniversary

More than 450 people attend Saturday’s festivities

It may have been a grey and rainy day last Saturday, but the Laguna Beach Library’s 50th-anniversary celebration made the dreary weather an afterthought.

Around 450 people left their umbrellas at the library door to attend the Jan. 14 event, including Mayor Pro Tem Sue Kempf, Councilmembers George Weiss, Alex Rounaghi and Mark Orgill, LBPD Chief Jeff Calvert, several police offi cers and K-9 Cooper.


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  1. Councilman Weiss did no such thing. The library building was never in danger. The proposed lease deal with the County would have left time to explore the pros and cons of building a library at the Village Entrance, another central location with an abundance of parking, and repurposing the current library for community uses. We never had a chance to explore the merits of this idea because Councilman Weiss declared that the Council majority wanted to tear down the library. He repeated this lie in his October 16 newsletter, stating: “That Ms. Kempf tried to sell off the Library for a parking structure is unforgivable.” It would have been had Kempf or anyone else proposed doing this. By lying about it, Councilman Weiss scared enough people into thinking the library was in danger that the idea was dropped. He and his supporters claim to support our new (and untested) post-election spirit of collaboration. If so, they need to stop playing fast and loose with the facts.

  2. Ah Chris – there you go again with your own special spin. The library lease was put on the consent calendar by the City Manager during Spring Break so parents wouldn’t get involved. Secondly, ALL the nasty little details of the arrangement were buried very deep in the ATTACHMENT to the City Staff report, not in the report. They were hiding many facts about that deal not the least of which was plainly said that they could move the library after 3 years anywhere they wanted. Based on the lousy judgement that the Council has had over the past few years no one wanted to leave that up to their decision. Far better to have the Library where it is with parking at Glenneyre, than whatever crazy place those councilmembers with no kids who have probably not set foot in the library decide. Spin, spin spin Chris.


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