Letter: A Creative Solution for Funding Historic Restorations


France has its historic castles/buildings, and many are in need of repair/restoration. France also is having financial issues. To solve this problem, the government has created a lottery specifically for the purpose of restoring their heritage sites. These lottery tickets are a bit more expensive. The weekly winners will get some money, but the bulk of the proceeds from lottery sales will go toward restoring these sites. Those who buy lottery tickets own a share of the castle/building targeted by that ticket. The holders will also get free/discounted tickets to visit their “investment.” No limit on number of tickets an individual can buy.

Perhaps Village Laguna would like to sell lottery tickets to restore the infamous sewer building they are determined to put into an exalted category of a “heritage” site. I think painting it sounds fine, especially as we are entering a very expensive phase in our town – a new Village Entrance, re-doing the Coast Highway access to Forest Avenue, plus the looming promise by City Council for a parklet and the South Laguna Garden – all of these projects were pushed by Village Laguna and its members. I think most people prefer to stay home, get on their computers, treadmills, watch TV, have their meals delivered and communicate by phone. Seldom do they venture out again to take a walk, even if they live in a coastal town like Laguna. What makes Village Laguna think that people will change their habits when their own members aren’t walking around town every night and buying their things from our merchants?

We are a small town, but we have some big issues—affordable housing, homelessness, fire safety, keeping our local businesses alive, etc. We shouldn’t expect older folks to sell their homes to increase tax revenues.

Please be careful when you vote in November. We want fiscally sensible leaders.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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  1. “Fiscally sensible leaders.” Good one, Ganka. Democrats are tax and spend socialists and Republicans aren’t much better. That’s because Democrats badmouth anyone who tries to be fiscally sensible. So politics has been bending to the left for decades, in schools, in news media, even in the courts. And America is the poorer for it. Barack Obama’s nightmarish eight years are proof positive of this.


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