Letter: Agate Beach Access Already Deteriorating



I would like to report that the recently finished Agate Street stairs already has a broken railing.

One of the most important pieces of railing—the last piece to the ocean where you can pull yourself up on the stairs if the sand is low—is already broken and missing.

Also, the three bottom steps they added, which are steel, are already rusting. They were not properly coated. This is three weeks after it took three years to rebuild them.

When is the City Council going to learn to interview people with ocean building experience? Good thing an election is coming up.

Will it take another three years to fix Pearl Street, which is now unusable in the middle of the busy summer season and roped off?

Julie Ross, Laguna Beach


  1. Julie, there is so much to be said about the process by which public works project are approved, or for that matter, any project. City Council is not where you should be pointing your finger, in this case. It wasn’t until someone brought it to the Council’s attention that they became aware of the horrible design. With 3 minutes to speak at DRB, it’s impossible to even grasp the general concept presented by a designer from Mesa, let along discuss light bollards and hand rails. It was Council that voted unanimously to scrape that design and incorporate public input. You’d think locals would be of great resource. Well, that barely happened and what we got and paid for, could have been so much worst, if it weren’t for the Council. Remember, they are the locals in this solution. They get it, in this case.


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