Letter: City Council acknowledges Measure Q addresses problems


The City Council has acknowledged Measure Q addresses problems that need to be dealt with. In public meetings, they said so, then proposed and adopted Ordinance 1675–a watered-down version of the ballot initiative that attempts to address height, mass and scale—on Aug. 16, 2022. There goes the “solution in search of a problem” argument.

Opposition claims of “uncertainty” and “unintended consequences” are objections used by those who benefit from doing “business as usual.” The ballot initiative makes it harder to get around our town’s General Plan and other well thought out guidelines. Measure Q can’t be as easily circumvented as three city council votes. That’s the crux of the issue and that’s why the pro-development faction is so upset. If Q passes, the ability to get modifications and variances as gifts will vanish.

Preventing residents from having a seat at the table in determining Laguna’s future is what this is all about. Just as it was when these same arguments were used to fight the height limit in 1971.  

Trish Sweeney, Laguna Beach

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  1. Ms. Sweeney, If you wanted the ordinance to stay Laguna Residents First aka Village Laguna should have dropped Measure Q. Village Laguna negotiated and acted in bad faith with the city when they decided to keep Q on the ballot. The city was offering the ordinance as a compromise, not admission of fault or guilt. Measure Q is written so poorly that it doesn’t even represent a true mandate of the people It doesn’t give citizens a seat at the table, it gives Village Laguna everyone’s dinner. I get it, you come from a long line of professional activist, so you feel you need to be one too, but I encourage you to look for a cause that is good for a majority of people and not just a small group.
    You elect people to represent your best interest if you don’t like the vote them out. But elections have consequences, and you should micromanage every city employee. VOTE NO on Q!


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