Letter: Concept Review for the Museum Hotel


I’m writing in support of a fair and thorough evaluation of the Honarkar project, whose concept will be under review for the property between Cliff Drive and Jasmine. As with many matters in this town, the lack of information is leading to a lot of rhetoric and hysteria on the part of some residents who worry about what might happen to important parts of downtown Laguna. I don’t discredit them, but believe they are working from ignorance.

I believe a renaissance is needed in Laguna. There are too many vacant properties that need to be rehabilitated and restored to service. My impression so far is that Mr. Honarkar understands this and is endeavoring to fulfill that need. There is a great deal of oversight in this town that will ensure a fair and balanced approach to updating/replacing derelict buildings. No one wants to turn our town into Venice Beach or South Beach.

I urge the Planning Commission and City Council to give Mr. Honarkar a full and fair hearing—I know that is their goal and mission.

As a side note, Laguna Beach Rotary met at the Hotel Laguna from 1931 til its closing in December, 2017. Rotary welcomes the chance to return and meet there in our lifetimes. I think Mr. Honarkar has the vision and resources to bring that to fruition.


Jerry Immel, Laguna Beach




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