Letter: Could This Be a Solution for Our Village?


As a 50-year resident, I attended the last Chamber of Commerce-hosted Downtown Action Plan meeting. This meeting was not about what I assumed—the Downtown Specific Plan—but about a completely different topic, namely the beautification of our downtown streets with emphasis on 20 areas that need an urgent update of pedestrian surfaces like sidewalks and crosswalks, trees and its landscaping. It was hosted by the city staff of Laguna Beach and the consultants from SWA Group. Even though all of the 20 plus projects were very similar, they were each presented one by one. In my opinion, this incurred a considerable amount of money and time from everyone involved.

I asked myself afterwards, if there could not have been a better and much less consuming way to get the same or better results. A way that could be implemented right now, without further delay. How? Everyone loves Laguna and the fabulous Heisler Park. Why not take all the ingenuity and know-how and continue this landscape template all over our town. Why not taking Peppertree Lane and the Susi Q and use as an aesthetic and architectural template for other business areas in town. I have never met anyone that does not agree that Heisler Park and Peppertree Lane are not Laguna masterpieces. We can start revitalizing our town now, without reinventing the wheel. What do you think?

Dave Walker, Laguna Beach

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