Letter: Give People Choices


The irony of the Panic Demic is delicious. For decades, the climate change cultists have been demanding radical reductions in driving and they finally got their wish, but at what a cost. Didn’t any of them see this coming? No, they did not. And they will not. Social justice warriors always know how to do things right. Just put them in charge.

Here’s a true solution to this Panic Demic. Everyone who is not deathly afraid of seasonal flu can go about our lives, and those who continue to be petrified can stay at home and mask up/glove up on the rare occasions they have to make contact with someone else.

Call it “choice” and ask all the feminists and Democrats to support your “choice.” I’m quite sure that nobody can prove all this panicking has reduced the number of fatalities that would have occurred without the unprecedented disruption.

John Jaeger, Irvine

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  1. “Firebrand Media LLC wants comments that advance the discussion, and we need your help to accomplish this mission. Debate and disagreement are welcomed on our platforms but do it with respect.”

    Marshall Aren’s comment does NOT advance the discussion. It is disrespectful, as Leftists are so consistently.


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