Letter: Liberate Laguna Wants Developer-Friendly Council


In a full-page ad in the Indy, a new political group, Liberate Laguna, announced their candidate endorsements for the council election. But who is Liberate Laguna and what are they liberating us from? The following questions come to mind:

Q: Who are they?

A: Liberate Laguna operates as a Political Action Committee and receives their funds from major fund sources.

Q: Who is funding this group?

A: I count three investors/investment companies, one real estate broker, one real estate consultant and two development companies.

Q: Why do they think Laguna needs liberation?

A: The current Laguna Beach governing philosophy makes commercial developers justify each project via a thorough approval vetting process.

Q: What will they do to the Village if their candidates win?

A: Perhaps fill the city’s boards and commissions with development-friendly officials and our city staff with accommodating personnel.

Q: Why spend so much money in a council election?

A: Could it be profits, fees and commissions can be earned from a development-friendly city governing infrastructure?

Liberate Laguna endorsed Peter Blake and Sue Kempf. But what do these two have in common with Liberate Laguna? I recommend we study their statements and literature to glean what these two candidates would offer to do for Liberate Laguna’s commercial real estate developer, investor and broker financiers.

Liberate Laguna shouts from the rooftops they are coming to “liberate” us from the yoke of our oppressors! Kind of reminds me of the Chinese Liberation of Tibet from the oppression of the Buddhist Monks. For what it’s worth, I’m on the side of the monks.

Armando Baez, Laguna Beach

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  1. Right, Armando. Housing prices and rents aren’t outrageous enough. NIMBYs like you want them to continue spiraling out of control. You don’t care about property rights. You don’t care that many who want to buy their own homes or even condos will never be able to afford one. You just want YOUR selfish rights “protected” and screaming loud and long has worked for decades.
    Those of you who think we have “too much traffic” and too much housing should raze your own homes and restore the land to a weed patch. Then double and triple with each other in the rental unit of your own choosing.


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