Letter: Our Fear of the New Prevents a City Vision


Thanks, Roger McErlane, for great observations in your “Laguna Leadership Lacks a Cohesive Vision” letter. Yes, an elected mayor could help. Where does Laguna Beach want to be in 10 years? Over the last decade, everyone I asked this question to tells me either they want the city to stay as it is, or nothing at all. I have been urging for a city vision (at least an updating of the Vision 2030 document) and a cultural vision. Not a single response from the city at all. The symptoms of this kind of thinking are exactly what Roger describes—lukewarm decision making. I don’t know what comes first, the chicken or the egg. But we arrived at a point where Laguna is unwilling to give any investor or politician a chance to change or implement something new. Instead of allowing some new changes and waiting until afterwards to judge and ridicule, we say no and stay still and implement ever more restrictions, like the leaf blowers recently. Progress is never liked at the beginning, because people are afraid of change in case it might get worse, but the avoidance of change will create what the city is so afraid of losing, Laguna’s soul, because it is dying of stagnation.


Michaell Magrutsche, Laguna Beach

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  1. Without adoption the Laguna Beach Vision 2030 Strategic Plan is not legally binding, it has no teeth. Without adoption there is no VISION in a 2030 Plan –no mission, no goals and no actions. Like the Enhanced Mobility and Complete Streets Transition Plan –a “plan” with a non-binding disclaimer, another city staff exercise paid for by squandered State grant funding. With no binding requirements our city Despot is free to disregard Laguna’s Vision.

  2. Do you want Laguna to be like everything else. Look they built Vegas up and it stinks,, Cars every ware, people every ware, prices off the roof. We the locals cant live there anymore..
    I was in Laguna and was surprised by all the local stores that are closing or closed. With hotel Laguna still closed there are few people to shop Fix this problem and Laguna beach will survive .Its beautiful now..Please don’t turn Laguna into a corporate city……….


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