Letter: Real Common Sense


Why do you have this obvious Trump supporter’s opinion piece prominently displayed on page three of our local newspaper under the minsomer: Opinion: Common Sense?

She ends her article thanking wingnut Muldoon for suing the state of California for not opening up the beaches during this deadly global pandemic crisis. Common sense would dictate to Ms. Zeiter to thank our city council instead for showing the rest of Orange County how to lead by example: coordinating and planning with our governor on how to open the beaches intelligently and compassionately based on the best science, facts and experts available.

It would have been more appropriate to put Ms. Evan’s thoughtful article on our city council’s plans to address the global pandemic on page three, not the obviously political rhetoric piece by Ms. Zeiter. Laguna Beach has not become Huntington Beach (yet).

Dennis Sakai, Laguna Beach

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