Letter: Renovate the Digester with Village Entrance Art Funds

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We already have an art piece at the Village Entrance—the sewer digester. It is an historical building, part of the site and a landmark. We should use the money for the art piece to renovate the digester.

How did I come up with this idea? My oldest daughter and her family live in Brooklyn, New York. She and her family took my wife and me to a park along the East River named Domino Park, after the Domino Sugar Factory. At this park, they have included many salvaged artifacts from the sugar factory, some very large. They are now art pieces. You may see this park at their website: dominopark.com. They have photos, videos and written descriptions on the history of the park.

Let’s make the sewer digester the central art piece of the entrance. Maybe there are other items that can be salvaged from the city yard for the site. With the art money, we can renovate the sewer digester without using other city monies.


Jeffrey L. Jahraus, Laguna Beach

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