Letter: Stealing Signs is Childish


The lot at the corner of PCH and Cliff in North Laguna is a prime spot for election campaign signs. As of last week, there were signs for all the city council candidates and for both Yes and No on Prop Q. Yesterday, 10-17, only the Kempf, Blake, Weil, and No on Q signs remained. 

Stealing signs of rivals corrupts the process and undermines Laguna’s tradition of fair and nonpartisan local elections. All the candidates are capable and worthy of election, and there is merit to both sides of the Prop Q argument. But I resent these childish tactics. I won’t vote for Kempf, Blake, Weil, or No on Q.

I already supported Pudwill and leaned Yes on Q. I respect people who disagree with me, but this is about civics, not politics.

Joel Harrison, Laguna Beach

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  1. I agree with you that stealing any property is wrong. But I hope you are not conflating someone (not a candidate) stealing signs to be why you do or don’t vote for a candidate or against measure Q; if so, that would be childish.


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