Letter: Support the True Spirit of Our Community


I would like to offer an opinion on Bluebird Canyon Farms, and an opinion from someone that actually lives in Bluebird Canyon. This farm is a delight to behold. It is neat, orderly, instructive, and lush with educational opportunities. My wife and I have watched it grow from the outset, and there is probably nothing more heartwarming than to view vegetables, raised beds, out-buildings, and beehives, to help us reaffirm our connection to nature. And to know that those around us haven’t yet lost sight of what should always matter.

This could all be replaced with mansions and cars and the neutered hills that define Newport Beach—where you can customize your notches into the hillsides, pour your slabs, backfill, and build. And soon you’re having cocktails with your friends, proud to finally be above the rest.

While the rest of us mourn our loss.

Here’s the point: Not one of us, even those that have been raised in suburbia, is without a memory of a farm. The sounds, the smells, the crisp chills in the morning, the recognition of everything as it once was. In upper Bluebird, there are some folks willing to share that memory. Why not let them?

I would respectfully ask that you please allow these folks the Conditional Use Permit. The true spirit of our community is exemplified on the side of that hill. The permit will allow the farm to speak for those of us that haven’t yet lost touch with our roots and will speak to those that are only now trying to connect.

Mace and Virginia Morse, Laguna Beach

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  1. Not sure why the Spirit of the Community is to constantly knock down our neighbors in Newport Beach. I guess some Laguna residents think they “above the rest”. Remember Newport didn’t build in a known sensitive landslide area just to be high up on a hill.

  2. Thank you Mace and Virginia Morse for your thoughtful letter about our Bluebird Canyon Farms Project. We appreciate your kind words and will “add your name” to the list of many hundreds of persons who continue to support the Farm. Unfortunately, as of this writing we remain in a “frozen” state of abeyance and are yet unable to proceed with our programs owing to the fact we now face an appeal of the Planning Commission’s unanimous recent decision recommending issuance of a Conditional Use Permit. The appeal has been brought by essentially one family who oppose the project and who continue working very hard to shut down our programs. They dislike what we stand for and have expressed an opinion that the current site uses are not suitable with the property’s zoning, despite the fact our programs have been heavily scrutinized during a nearly two year review that determined their compatibility. In their appeal this family also claims the “Goodwill” the Farm enjoys comes largely from outside of the neighborhood despite the fact many neighbors have sent written letters to City Leadership supporting the project. During the past two (2) years we have met with hundreds of neighbors and community members, and have spoken many times in front of local civic organizations about the Farm. These conversations have helped us form views that the vast majority of people want the Farm to succeed. Since this is not yet a done deal we ask all concerned Bluebird Canyon neighbors to communicate with City Leadership and express their opinions about the Farm. Please let your voice be heard. Thank You… Scott Tenney and Mariella Simon


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