Letter: Thank Goodness for South Laguna


Forty years ago or so, the City of Laguna Beach beneficently decided to rescue South Laguna from the fiendish hands of the County of Orange. Thank goodness! For where else would the city find to foist all their undesired projects for Laguna proper?

While all of South Laguna has suffered from being part of the city of Laguna Beach, I speak particularly to the area surrounding Lang Park and Wesley Drive. Over the years, we have been bequeathed with the Montage Hotel, for the bed tax, and we have been first up for a skate park, a huge community pool with its 100 car parking lot, and now a three-story low-income housing development. If South Laguna is continued to be so blessed, how about the shuttered St. Catherines School for the housing project and let the seniors in Vista Aliso live out their days in peace?

Carolen Sadler, South Laguna

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