Letter to Our Readers: We’re In This Together



“Our Town, Our Paper”

The Laguna Beach Indy and Firebrand Media would like to thank all of the businesses that continue to support us through these challenging times. We would not be able to continue to publish the paper without the backing of these loyal customers and amazing people.

We would also like to thank all the folks who have ever supported us (and probably would be still if they could continue to do so). We understand that many businesses are suffering greatly, and we wish everyone the best and hope for a return to some form of “normal” soon.

Lastly, we want to thank our readers in print and online. You are why we continue to publish the local news and will continue to do so as long as we possibly can. Your support is much appreciated.

We believe in strong journalism, accurate information, and freedom of access to information. The Laguna Beach Independent continues to follow these principles and serve our readers in the era of the coronavirus. You can access the news daily through all of our digital assets (our traffic is up dramatically), social channels, and the town’s only dedicated printed newspaper on Friday. 

Our newspaper editorial team, led by Daniel Langhorne, and the rest of our Firebrand team members (many operating voluntary without pay) are working harder than ever to keep our pulse on the community. We are talking with elected officials, police, local leaders, and scores of business owners to continue reporting about local fallout from the health and economic crises.

“Our Town, Our Paper,” has been our slogan for almost 20 years. We ask that the city, businesses and residents of Laguna Beach to please continue to support the Indy so that we may continue to give you the news, information and lifestyle content on the city we all love.

If you have modified your business model, are offering a special service, or just want to communicate to the locals, please contact us so we can help get your message out. We are offering budget-conscious specials and customized programs with lots of added value. Any revenue we receive goes right back to producing the Indy.

Please contact us: [email protected]; [email protected].

Let’s go!

Thank you, Laguna Beach.

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