Letter: Village Laguna, Stop the Squeal!


As we move into a new year, the tasks facing our elected officials are monumental to say the least. At this critical time, it is important to remember that change is a river that we all must navigate.

It is a very different era than what 1980’s Laguna looked like. And yet there continues to be a group of well meaning but misguided folk who believe that this is “their Laguna Beach” and that progress and change to them remains a cauldron of fear that they continue to serve up to the community they claim to be protecting. They write letters, attend meetings and organize with the apparent goal of dominating and controlling what the rest of us can do. They are now part of a lawsuit against the city and the citizens who overwhelmingly support the change to the historic preservation ordinance.

Property rights are just that and no group in the hamlet has the right to tell property owners what they can or cannot do with their homes based on the home’s age. Voluntary is an easy concept to understand. Our community has so much oversight that fear-mongering about the future is counter to the foundations of those who came before, those who are here now and the next generations who will inherit our unique hamlet. To use a rather new vernacular to our lexicon, “Village Laguna, Stop the Squeal.” Respectfully,

Jorg Dubin, Laguna Beach Planning Commissioner

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  1. Squeal? Remember when GEORGE CLOONEY and BRAD PITT wanted to buy and redevelop the Boom Boom Room? VL stopped it for HISTORICAL REASONS.

  2. Here we go again! Another Blake wannabe. If Dubin would understand the responsibilities vested in the position of planning commissioner which requires decisions based on facts and not biases he would not have written such an unprofessional letter. I know he is an artist but such messages are beneath the dignity of the position to which he was appointed and he should have the maturity to understand it. Also according to the municipal code on conflict of interest he has a bias against Village Laguna as an organization and not with any specific issue that VL is promoting and therefore must recuse himself in any such case that comes up before the Planning Commission. Here is the pertinent section of the municipal code:

    2.14.070 Conflict of interest—General.
    (e)     Conflict of Interest—A conflict of interest exists in a matter before an official for consideration or determination if:
         (3)     The public official, because of bias or prejudice, or because he has prejudged a matter set for public hearing is incapable because of such bias, prejudge or prejudgment of granting to the matter before him a fair and impartial hearing.


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