Letter: Why Some Believe Blake Is a Bully


In his spirited defense of Councilman Peter Blake in the pages of the Indy, columnist Michael Ray states: “It is the same 30 or so Village Laguna members who keep going after him, and it has gotten so repetitive it is boring. Their biggest—and really only—refrain is that Peter is a bully.”

Let’s see why so many in Laguna perceive Blake to be a “bully” by revisiting some of his own words as written in these pages, online, and spoken from the Council dais:

“A position on City Council does encourage respect for constituents who are worthy of respect. These two are worthy of nothing. My constituents require I stand up and fight those who oppose the changes I was elected to enact. They’re only attacking me because of the votes I’ve won against them and their Luddite followers.”

“Carol, is that you? Sounds like your psychobabble. I always enjoy your passive/aggressive posts. Please spare me your sanctimonious BS.”

“I have to answer to you and a house-smock wearing polyester Betty like MJ? I should base my decisions on the internet studies of fools like Michael? Do I have to answer to people like you who are posting at 2am? Get a life “JP””.

“…Young minds are preferable to simple minds like yours.”

“Oh Liza, you’re such an incredible liar”.

“Liza, the only accomplishments you’ve ever made were on the backs of your family name.”

“The residents of this community are trying to live in 2019 and worried about fools like you… dictating their future.”

“Dorothy, you’re an idiot!?”

“You’re just another gadfly who shows up at every Council meeting with their self-serving agendas in hand.”

“You take to the podium frothing at the mouth and start screaming disparaging comments at Council and staff. Who do you think you are? M, let’s face it, you use your husband’s position with the Republican Party as a crutch.”

Liza I. Stewart, Laguna Beach

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  1. Thank you Liza for using his words to explain what a bully is. What a sad excuse for a city council member – all he does is attack people with whom he disagrees. He is the all knowing Oz and to either disagree or question him requires banishment from the world. That’s certainly not the comportment of a good city council member – one who should listen, consider both sides of an issue and then vote. His opinion, usually not based on facts, is all that is important to his decision making.

  2. By his words, so shall Blake be known.

    BTW – Was there any mention of the fact that Ray is part of Liberate Laguna, a developer’s political action committee that contributed $153,000 to support pro-development candidates like Blake, so they can demolish classic Laguna buildings and “revitalize” the town with increased overtourism and view-blocking, block-long, traffic-snarling monstrosities like the previously proposed Museum Hotel?

  3. Thank your for sharing a few examples of CC Blake’s bullying of residents in his attempt to silence them and destroy civic engagement. Trust me, there are tons more and no one in this town is safe from his attacks. Never in our City’s history have we had to adopt a “code of conduct” for a public official until Blake was elected. This speaks volumes about the mistake voters made in electing such an unqualified Individual with an agenda to over-develop our town and personally benefit by his power position. This will be Blake’s real Laguna legacy. I call this time in our history MISTAKE BLAKE.

    As for Michael Ray and his mushy Blake letter of personal endorsement. Mr. Ray is the principal officer of the PAC Liberate Laguna (LL). As the founder, he must support the candidate they bought and paid for in the last election. How would it look if he didn’t? Sorry Mr. Ray, I’m not buying his artwork nor supporting a public official that cannot fairly and properly represent ALL Laguna Beach residents.

  4. Why is it: “Every time some one with the money to put progressive economic efforts forth’ they get crapped on by the old line fools who have run this town into the ground by enforcing conditional use permits. Ask Bob Hurley . . who left. GET OVER IT CHEAPSKATES! we need economic growth, not your continued pearl clutching every time someone wants to build a building. Hell, there’s bigger houses in Emerald Bay than in downtown, right?

  5. Re: Mr. Ray’s spirited defense of councilman Blake
    It is difficult to understand how anyone who has watched Councilman Blake at the council meetings and has read his diatribes would want him to be a mentor to his children unless, in my view, a parent is trying to mold them to be selfish and narcissistic adults with no regard or tolerance for opinions which differ from their own. Perhaps that was Mr. Ray’s expectation which would explain his ringing endorsement.


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