Lots to Dislike on the Left, Too



When I read the opening line of Michael Ray’s column (“Who Got Worked?”) in the July 6 edition that stated “Republicans are great haters,” I felt there should be a counter point.

There is a spiritual axiom that goes – you spot it, you got it. In my humble opinion, liberals are great haters. They feel hate is justified when focused upon Republicans and anyone else who does not want them to expand the dysfunction of big government. They don’t believe unemployment or Muslim terrorists are the enemy; it’s the Republicans. Republicans want small government and low taxes and for that they are hated.

The somersaults and slight of hand the Democrats used to pass Obamacare were deceitful and the aftermath will be painful to everyone. Premiums are already skyrocketing with real pain delivered to folks who can’t afford it. The IRS is now on its way to watch every dime to pay for the monstrosity.

The law was never popular and there should be a landslide for Romney in November.

I was born and bred in Laguna and have three kids in school here. Liberal Democrats ignore the terrible economic situation our state and country are in now and refuse to see their part in the cause. The financial pain inflicted by this administration and the liberal folks who run California on the people is truly sad to see.


Peter Davidson, Laguna Beach

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