Madison’s Accomplishments Overshadow a Questionable Resume



Over the years I’ve always enjoyed Michael Ray’s random thoughts on life but his recent selective moral outrage about Jon (or is it John) Madison’s phony resume was a little over the top. Funny, but I don’t seem to recall Mr. Ray, a self-avowed “progressive”, ever chastising this president for repeatedly lying to us about keeping our doctors and health plans.

By now it is old news that Jon Madison’s resume is overloaded with nonsense. But so what, Laguna? Could he make for a refreshing and potentially effective councilman? Could he help shake up the tedious, self-absorbed council meetings for a less intimidating experience for the average Joe? Heck yes.

Actually, what Mr. Madison has accomplished while in Laguna has been quite impressive. Plus he embraces a lot of the Laguna nuttiness that makes life here so fun and different. And his tireless efforts to improve our town have been very real. Starting a business from scratch, Mr. Madison was able to transform a decrepit old flophouse into a beautifully renovated, successful restaurant/gift business where locals and their dogs hang out and catch up on the town’s news. His willingness to support various local causes long before he ever contemplated running for office has been well documented.

So I suggest we all lighten up a bit on Jon Madison. He at least he has the guts go for it in Laguna.

Ben Earl, Laguna Beach

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