Many Thanks to Engine 4 Paramedic

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I want to publically thank the Laguna Beach Fire Department. On Jan. 24, I experienced early morning, severe abdominal pain. The pain was intense, I passed out. My wife immediately called 911. I came to just before the paramedics arrived and, of course, my macho attitude surfaced. I stupidly argued that I did not need to take the ambulance and all could wait until later. Engine 4’s paramedic, while carefully assessing my symptoms, used patience, sympathy, and a good deal of medical knowledge to pierce my mule-headedness and firmly persuaded me to get into the ambulance.

I had a successful surgery for acute appendicitis and peritonitis. At the least, Engine 4’s paramedic saved me from additional days in the hospital. Quite possibly he saved my life. Thanks, Laguna Beach Fire Department.

Lenny Vincent, Laguna Beach

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